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When your industrial business needs skilled labour, an engineer, machinist or technician. Or when you are looking far and wide for that talented trainee. HR-Industries are specialists in recruiting and hiring employees for industry.


Does your company lack human resources – skilled staff, technicians, or other salaried employees? And find it hard to recruit the right candidates? HR Industries can help find the right match for the job.

Try & Hire

Try out an employee with no strings attached. Try & hire employment through HR-Industries gives your company the opportunity to get to know an employee before offering them regular employment.

Project staff

Does your company need an extra employee for a limited period? At HR-Industries, you can hire a qualified project employee on short notice.


Give dismissed employees a proper send-off. HR-Industries can help your company secure good conditions for a continued career for dismissed employees.

Shared trainee

Share a trainee with other industrial companies, and contribute to the future of skilled labour. HR Industries can help your business share a trainee.

Qualified students

Does your company need an extra employee on holidays, weekends or evenings? Hire a qualified employee studying at an institute of higher learning.

Thomas personal profile analysis

It can be difficult to choose among many good candidates. With a Thomas Person Profile Analysis, we help you ask the right questions and make the right choice.