Share a trainee with other industrial companies, and contribute to the future of skilled labour. HR Industries can help your business share a trainee.

Some industrial firms are too specialized to undertake a full traineeship. Other companies don’t quite know what the order book will look like in two to three years’ time. The solution could be a shared traineeship, which is a scheme in which several companies share a trainee among themselves, so the trainee works for six months at each location, for example.

HR-Industries is behind the project “Educating together”, which supplements traditional vocational training, and where we offer shared traineeships in cooperation with industrial companies and technical schools. “Educating together” is backed by the Confederation of Danish Industries and one of industry’s trade unions.

Today, too few young people pursue vocational education. The project “Educating together” is aimed at young people who might actually be interested in vocational education, but who want something different from a traditional traineeship. We must be able to offer them something different.

Participate in the project “Educating together”

If your company wants to hire a shared trainee, HR-Industries can help you participate in the project “Educating together”. Together, we find out how a shared trainee can fit into your business, when the shared trainee can work for you, and what you as a company can offer a shared trainee. In addition to helping, you participate in the project, we coordinate the shared trainee’s education with your company, the other companies involved in the trainee’s education, and with the technical school.

HR-Industries also works to find candidates for shared trainee positions. There are currently too few people choosing vocational education in industry. Among other things, we market the shared traineeship scheme to potential trainees, and we are in constant contact with candidates. We also have personal conversations with young people interested in taking vocational training in industry. And if one of them is a potential candidate for a shared traineeship, we ensure that he or she is ready for the challenges they can come across. A shared traineeship requires that the trainee is flexible and capable of handling many different types of work.

At DI, we help where we can with the project “Educating together”, which is a shared trainee project.

Increase labour supply and shape a future employee

Industrial companies lack skilled labour, and unfortunately, it will only get worse in the coming years. There are strong indications that there will be a shortage of 30,000 skilled workers in the metal industry in 2030. The consequence may be that Danish industrial companies will lose orders. In fact, this was the case for one in ten companies in 2018, according to a study by the Confederation of Danish Industries.

By employing a shared trainee, your company can help to increase the supply of skilled labour in industry and thereby help kerb the unfortunate trend. Hiring a shared trainee is also an asset for your company. The shared trainee creates value in your company, and you may be able to help shape a future employee. Additionally, a shared trainee will expand your company’s network with other industrial companies.

Want to know more before you decide?

You are very welcome to contact us to learn more about the project “Educating together” and the possibilities for hiring a shared trainee. We are happy to offer advice on working with a shared trainee in the company and help to reconcile expectations regarding the employment.

If your company needs to get to know a potential shared trainee, HR-Industries can employ the candidate who then works for you for an agreed period of time before you choose to hire the candidate as a trainee.