HR-Industries uses a well-tested and professional 10-step recruitment process to ensure the quality of our work and to ensure success for your business and for our candidates.

1) Meeting on the assignment

For all forms of recruitment, an HR-Industries consultant will come by your company before starting and will work with you to find the most suitable recruitment form based on your company’s needs.

2) Analysis of the job and the company

We talk to you about the company, needs and expectations, and what the new employee can expect in terms of responsibilities, tasks, competencies, development opportunities and employment conditions. We also discuss what personality you think will match the job and the company.

3) Job description

After thorough preparation, we can define the title, responsibility, work tasks, expectations of the new employee, desired management style if management is part of the job, and what role the new employee will take in the department, etc. Based on this, we will create a job posting to be approved by you as a customer. HR-Industries is certified to perform Thomas DISC Position Profile Analyses, which will identify the personal characteristics of the ideal candidate. The Thomas system enables, quickly and efficiently, to create competence profiles for the various job functions in the organization. By agreement, this can be used in the job description.

4) Advertising – search

The recruitment process itself begins with searching in our job bank and through advertising in HR-Industries’ name. HR-Industries, in cooperation with the customer, decides on the job portal to be used. As a starting point, HR-Industries uses the Jobnet, LinkedIn, Facebook and our own website, which is well visited. For separate advertising, HR-Industries will charge your company for the price of the advertisement.

5) Interview

We screen the candidates, interview the most suitable candidates and reject the unsuitable candidates. During the interview, we clarify the candidate’s professional competences and human qualities. References will then be collected for the appropriate candidates.

6) Presentation of candidates

HR-Industries presents your company to the 2–4 best candidates for the position, as far as possible. The selection is based on our thorough interview, reference control, and our personal assessment.

7) Optional personality test of the candidate and 2nd interview

If your company so wishes, we will test the candidates using the test from Thomas International. Read more about Thomas Personal Profile Analysis. The profile analysis is performed at an agreed fee.

8) Meeting scheduled with the customer

Based on our presentation of the candidates, we agree in consultation with your company which candidates should be invited to interview with you. HR-Industries is responsible for scheduling the meeting and can take part in it if desired.

9) Help with salary level etc.

If you want help with salary level etc., HR-Industries can be used as a sparring partner.

10) Candidate follow-up

Following recruitment and employment of the candidate, we follow up twice over the next three months, both with the candidate and with your company, to ensure that both the candidate and you are satisfied with the new appointment.