Since 2005, we have helped companies of all sizes and sectors in industry to recruit employees. We mainly help industrial companies in Central and Northern Jutland.

Special machinery etc.

Agro, food and pharmaceutical industries typically need employees who can build complex special machinery from scratch. This could be special machines for production plants or machines that need to be adapted to an existing factory. It is often large installations that need to be sent out of the country.

HR-Industries has provided employees for the construction and adaptation of special machinery etc. in the agro, food and pharmaceutical industries. These have included engineers, machinists, technicians, skilled electricians, automation engineers, blacksmiths, industrial technicians and assembly personnel in general.

Forging and processing companies

HR-Industries was initially built up around iron and metal companies. Both companies working with stainless steel and those working with black iron.

We have helped iron and metal companies recruit blacksmiths for welding. Both ordinary welding and certification welding. We have also helped find employees for regular blacksmith work, such as cutting and bending. And we have delivered blacksmiths for construction, repair, quality assurance, assembly, programming and maintenance of production equipment and machinery.

In addition, HR-Industries has helped iron and metal companies find industrial engineers (formerly known as mechanics) for turning, drilling and/or milling applications. And we’ve delivered professionals who are experts in manual machines, as well as staff for programming, installing and repairing computer-controlled machines.

The rail, aircraft and agro industries

The rail, aircraft and agro industries consist of large, complex industrial companies that deliver larger machines with strict requirements for documentation, safety etc. Of course, this also places great demands on the employees, who typically have to undergo additional safety authorisation.

HR-Industries has provided the employees that the rail, aircraft and agro industries need. For example, engineers, machinists, technicians, skilled electricians, automation engineers, blacksmiths, industrial technicians and assembly personnel in general.

Industrial/manufacturing companies

HR-Industries’ customer base includes a number of industrial/manufacturing companies. These are companies that need employees to service and maintain the fleet and automation area, for example for installation and troubleshooting of automated production equipment.

We have provided many employees with experience from industrial/manufacturing companies. Typically, this has been skilled and unskilled employees, but we have also helped with warehouse staff for receipt, registration and delivery of goods.

The wind turbine industry

The wind turbine industry is growing rapidly in Denmark. The Danish wind turbine industry is the largest in the world. About 90 percent of the wind turbine production is exported, and sometimes the requirements for the wind turbine industry’s employees can be very high.
HR-Industries has provided highly qualified employees to companies in the wind turbine industry. These include professionals for the installation and assembly of wind turbines, as well as employees who can perform quality measurements and diagnostics and prepare documentation.