Does your company need an extra employee for a limited period? At HR-Industries, you can hire a qualified project employee on short notice.

Your business may need additional labour for a limited time. This could be for a development project, long-term sick leave, maternity leave, or a task that requires special competencies that your company does not have or that it needs. Here, a project employee is often the right solution.

HR-Industries can meet your company’s temporary workforce needs. For example, for 3, 6 or 12 months. We have a staff of qualified employees who are ready for change and ready to step in when and where your company needs them. And we can manage most personnel tasks in the industrial sector on a day-to-day basis. Whether your business needs one person or a whole group of 20 employees.

Employed by us, on the same terms as your company’s employees

A project employee is formally employed by HR-Industries. We following the industry’s collective agreement and have good overall cooperation with the industry’s trade unions. The project employee receives the same salary and supplements as the employees in your company.

HR-Industries takes care of the staffing side of the employment, so your company doesn’t have to spend resources doing it. However, it is always a good idea for your company to spend resources onboarding the project employee and helping them to integrate into the company, especially if the project employee is to work on a team with one or more of the company’s permanent employees. Because it is important, of course, that the project employee thrives in the company and that the permanent employees are comfortable getting a project employee as a colleague.

Careful selection, with the option of testing skills

HR-Industries has a solid background in the industry, enabling us to assess the students’ professional competence in relation to the tasks at hand. On this basis, we select candidates for the project employment and then set up a meeting with you and/or other representatives of your company. As an added guarantee that the project employee is exactly the right person for the job, we can arrange a test in your company, where you can test the employee’s professional skills yourself (optionally, welding tests).

Project employment can also be used in the recruitment of a new employee. As a company, you get good insight into the employee’s professional skills during the project assignment, and you get a good idea of whether the employee fits into the company’s culture. The same goes for the project employee. And if the interest in a fixed-term contract is mutual, your company has the opportunity to continue the collaboration.

Interested in a project employee?

Could your company use a project employee, or are you interested in learning more about the possibility of using a project employee in your company? Then don’t hesitate to contact us. Of course, we are also happy to come to a meeting at your company, or we can meet for a chat at HR-Industries.