Does your company need an extra employee on holidays, weekends or evenings? Hire a qualified employee studying at an institute of higher learning.

As an industrial company, it can be difficult to find qualified professionals to cover, for example, holidays, evening and weekend work. HR-Industries has an excellent network of students in mechanical engineering and engineering programs and with basic vocational training that your company can hire to meet the need for skilled labour in irregular work periods. These include blacksmiths, industrial technicians, tool makers, industrial electricians and more.

Ready to do the job

HR-Industries has a solid background within industry, enabling us to assess the students’ professional competence in relation to the tasks to be carried out in your company. On that basis, we select one or more candidates, who are moreover used to working independently and are therefore ready for the challenge of working odd hours in an industrial company.

Once HR-Industries has selected suitable candidates, we will arrange a meeting with your company. Then we can work with the candidate to see whether there is a basis for cooperation.

Employed by us on Collective Agreement terms

the qualified student will be formally employed by HR-Industries and outsourced to your company. However, we follow industry’s collective agreement for shop work, and we enjoy good cooperation overall with industrial trade unions, so the employee has orderly conditions. In addition to meeting your specific needs for skilled workers at night, weekends and/or holiday periods, your company has a unique opportunity to brand itself. In relation to the student employee, we have outsourced to you, but also in relation to the student’s co-students. Students talk together in class and share their experiences. That way, your company’s network expands and you connect with more potential future employees.

In fact, HR-Industries’ business customers often end up employing a skilled machinist or engineer that previously work for them during their studies.

Interested in a qualified student?

Could your company use a qualified student, or are you interested in learning more about the possibility of using a qualified student in your company, then don’t hesitate to contact us. Of course, we are also happy to come to a meeting or we can meet for a chat at HR-Industries.