Give dismissed employees a proper send-off. HR-Industries can help your company secure good conditions for a continued career for dismissed employees.

Declining orders or business adjustments sometimes require the dismissal of employees. Unfortunately. If your company is in this situation, there can be many benefits to be had for the company in helping fired employees to continue in their professional life through an outplacement process.

First, you support your fired employees with an outplacement process. Employees who have worked well in the company, sometimes for many years, suddenly now facing a new, often unknown situation that can be difficult to handle. At the same time, you are sending a signal of social responsibility. Both to the outside world and within the company. It positively affects your reputation and helps to create peace and maintain motivation among the employees still with you.

Outplacement is based on the employee

HR-Industries can help with professional outplacement of dismissed employees in industry. As specialists in recruiting employees for industrial companies, we know the industry well, and we have a comprehensive network of companies within the industry, meaning we can often find new job opportunities to suit your company’s fired employees.

An outplacement process with HR-Industries as a partner is based on the wishes and needs of the individual employee. We initiate a personal conversation with the employee to learn about what he or she has worked with in your company and what the employee may have worked with in previous workplaces. And we uncover the employee’s capabilities, what skills the employee has, what the employee would like to work with in the future, and what companies the employee would like to work in.

There are several paths to the right job

Based on our conversation with the fired employee, we present the solution that can best help the employee continue in their professional life. It could be that we go after permanent employment directly. Or it could be that the right solution is project employment, where the employee works with an exciting project in an industrial company for a limited period of time.

Try & Hire is also a good opportunity to find the job that the employee will be happy for in the future. Try & Hire is a cross between a permanent job and project employment, where employees and the company are given the opportunity to get to know each other, without obligation. In our experience, Try & Hire often leads to permanent employment. We also make sure that the employee is registered in our CV database. This way we can quickly find the employee when we become aware of a relevant and appropriate job opportunity.

Can we help you with outplacement?

If your company is in a situation where it is forced to terminate employees, please feel free to contact us to learn more about how we can help with outplacement and possibly agree on an outplacement process. We’ll also be happy to come to your company for a personal meeting.