It can be difficult to choose among many good candidates. With a Thomas Personal Profile Analysis, we help you ask the right questions and make the right choice.

HR-Industries consultants perform Personal Profile Analyses, also known as DISC profiles on desired candidates. We use the analysis tools from the renowned Thomas International, which is considered to be one of the world’s best analytical tools in this field.

The Personal Profile Analysis measures a person’s behaviour on 4 descriptive factors:

  • D – Dominance
  • I – Social influence
  • S – Steadiness
  • C – Compliance

Key features of the four behavioural types:

Dominance: The individual sees challenges to be tackled and is focused on creating an environment that can produce the desired results.

Social influence: The individual tries to influence others and focuses on achieving results by involving other people in a collaboration.

Steadiness: The individual does not want to change things too much. The focus is on performing tasks that can be solved in cooperation with others.

Compliance: The individual tries to carefully analyse and then work to achieve high standards – and improve products or methods already known.

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