Does your company lack human resources – skilled staff, technicians, or other salaried employees? And find it hard to recruit the right candidates? HR Industries can help find the right match for the job.

As an industrial company, recruiting competent employees can be a major challenge, especially in a time with a shortage of skilled labour. Often the best candidates are not job-seekers because they already have a job, and therefore they rarely see and respond to a job posting. In addition, a traditional recruitment process involving clarification of job content, job advertising, handling of applications and interviews requires a lot of work for the company. The solution can be a recruitment agency.

At HR-Industries, we work exclusively with recruitment for industry. We have many years of experience in matching companies and candidates within industry. And as industry-based specialists, we know the industry in depth. That’s why we can also help you and your company recruit the right employee.

Tested process and company knowledge

When we help industrial companies recruit employees, we employ a well-tested, professional 10-step recruitment process to ensure the quality of our work and to ensure success for both your business and the candidates. See HR-Industries’ 10-step recruitment process.

In addition, if we are not familiar with it in advance, we will visit your company. We want to see the place and talk to management and employees, so we achieve mutual trust, and generally ensure that we have a good sense of the company’s values and culture.

We know our limitations. For example, we will not help recruit a factory manager or board member. But we know what we excel at. And that’s recruiting employees for industry – from the unskilled employee to the engineer/machinist and everything in between. Our certified consultants can also prepare a Personal Profile Analysis (DICS), as well as a Job Requirement Analysis from the recognized Thomas International. Read more about Thomas Personal Profile Analysis. The same methodology is used in both analyses, and in combination they are effective in understanding how well a candidate matches your company’s wishes for a new employee.

No cure, no pay – and peace of mind for you as a customer

If your company chooses a total HR Recruitment package, you don’t pay until you succeed in finding and hiring the right candidate for the job. If you choose not to employ one of the candidates HR-Industries proposes, our work will be free of charge.

It is important that your company can feel safe as a customer at HR-Industries. Therefore, we never contact candidates who have been employed by one of our customers when HR-Industries was involved in the recruitment. Of course, we cannot stop candidates from applying for positions through HR-Industries at their own initiative, but if they do, we will not process the candidate for a period of 24 months from the date the candidate began his employment in your company.

Want to know more about our recruitment services?

You are always welcome, of course, to contact us to learn more about how we can help you recruit industrial staff. We are also happy to come by your workplace so we can find the type of recruitment that best suits your company and your need for qualified staff.