As an industrial company, in HR-Industries you get a business partner with a background in industry. We don’t work with anything else, and we know what is important for you as a company.

Industry specialist

With HR-Industries as your supplier, you get access to industry specialists. We do not work with anything other than industry – and we are proud of that.

Large network of industry candidates

We have a very large network of candidates for industrial jobs, and we are constantly adding more candidates to our network.

360 degree recruitment

We recruit the whole array of employees for industrial companies – from the unskilled specialist worker to the highly trained engineer.

More ways than one to the right candidate

We recruit employees for permanent industrial jobs, but we also hire for project employment and Try & Hire arrangements, where your company can try an employee without obligation. We are also happy to tip you regularly about candidates, free of charge.

Sparring about students and trainees

We are committed to educating future employees within the industry, and we can give you professional sparring about students and trainees.

Ongoing dialogue

Ongoing dialogue and follow-up to ensure that tasks are performed to satisfaction. We have excellent contact with our temporary staff to ensure that they are thriving in the job. We will also be in regular dialogue with you, even after you have hired one of our candidates. For us, it is important that the employment and employee function well.

Trust-based cooperation

Our core values are mutual respect, trust and loyalty. We will turn down a job if we cannot handle it. We create long-term relationships with our customers, even in hard times.

We are there for you in hard times, too

Give dismissed employees a proper send-off. HR-Industries can help your company secure good conditions for a continued career for dismissed employees.

Member of the Confederation of Danish Industries

We are a member of the Confederation of Danish Industries. This means orderly relationships for your project staff, and that your company avoids any industrial disputes that can damage your reputation.